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How to work out your true bra

How to work out your true bra

Bra Fitting

Ready? Now it’s time to put on your favourite bra, stand in front of the mirror – or, better still, ask a friend to help you – and start looking for clues.

The Underband

Back band riding up

Lift up your arms to see if the underband is tight enough. Check that the underwire is still sitting on the body and that the band is not riding up at the back – if it’s riding up, this might mean that your band is too big.
If you are still unsure, here’s how to judge: the underband should fit firmly against the body so that it does not slide around or move away from the chest as you go about your daily activities.

Front band pulling down

Have a look at the underwire at the front of the bra. Does it lie just under the breast, or is it being pulled further down your ribcage? If the underwire is being dragged down to where your ribcage is slightly narrower, this is a sign that you are wearing too small a band size

Centre front lifting away from the body
The centre front should lie flat against the body. If it doesn’t, this could be a sign that the cups are too small, causing the breasts to push the centre front away.

wire digging into the breast tissue at underarm
Look at the sides of the cups – it’s important that the breast is completely encased by the underwire. Is there any underwire digging into the breast tissue? If so, you might well need a larger cup size.
There is also a possibility that the underband is too tight and pulling the wire so tightly against the chest that it becomes distorted and no longer follows the natural crease of your breasts. This in turn can cause the wire to dig into the bottom and side of the breast. If you find the correct underband size to begin with, you can eliminate this as a possibility and start to work on finding your correct cup size.

bulging over top of cup
Does any breast tissue bulge out at the top of the cup? This means the cup is too small.

cups too baggy
If there are creases in your cups you might want to try going down a cup size. If, however, the cup fits snugly everywhere but is gaping where the cup meets the strap, it could be that the bra is finishing too high up the chest for you. Some people are more hollow in this area than others, so square necklines that finish lower down on the chest – as in a balconette, for example – are better.

Different sized breasts
Do you have one breast bigger than the other? This is very common – most women have one breast around half a size bigger than the other; for some, there is more of a difference. It’s important to always fit the bigger breast – tighten the other strap slightly to avoid the cup with the smaller breast sagging. And don’t forget that you can always lightly pad the smaller breast.

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