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Caring for your bra

Caring for your bra

Your bra works hard, so treat it well.

Ques: Why does a bra need extra care?

Ans: Your bra might look delicate, but it is very hard working. This is why lingerie manufacturers select fabrics not just because they look pretty but for their technical qualities too – softness or elasticity, for example. The more careful you are with your bra, the longer it will retain these qualities.

Ques: Can’t I just throw it in the washing machine with everything else?

Ans: Manufacturers often recommend that their bras are hand washed only, and with good reason. If the bra care label says to hand wash only then this will be how the bra has been wash tested. It could be that the wires chosen are not designed to go in the washing machine. Always read the care label first and follow its instructions. Three more good reasons why you should avoid the washing machine:

  • • The under wire could come out of its casing and damage your machine.
  • • Wash a molded t-shirt bra in the machine and you could crinkle the foam that gives it shape.
  • • Hooks and eyes can get caught in – and damage – any embroideries.

Ques: If I do use a machine, how can I minimize any damage?

Ans: Wash your bras inside a laundry bag – it’s also a good idea to fasten them first so that there’s less chance of the hooks catching on any lace or embroideries. Set your machine to a delicate cycle on the lowest temperature, and drip dry.

Ques: Can I dry a bra in the tumble drier?

Ans: No. Even on a low heat setting, the temperature will damage any elastane in the fabric. And if you dry a padded bra in the tumble drier, the padding is likely to shrink and create wrinkles. Result? A less than smooth t-shirt bra.

Ques: Any hand washing tips?

Ans :Wash your bras in cold water, using a delicatewwer detergent. Drip dry – most bras are made from delicate or synthetic fabrics that dry quickly – and don’t wring them out.

Ques: If I look after my bra properly, then, how long should it last?

Ans: Properly looked after, an everyday bra should last up to two years. Try not to wear the same bra two days in a row – alternate your bras to give the fabric time to recover.

Ques: How should I store my bras?

Ans: Storing your lingerie properly will help keep it looking good for longer. T-shirt bras need special attention: you can fold them in half and put one cup inside the other, or stack them side by side, but whatever you do, take care not to dent the cup shape by stuffing them into a drawer. Make extra room by folding your non molded under wired bras in the center and stacking them vertically one next to the other Bra drawer

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